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How many times have we heard another Christian shout; What an AWESOME God we serve. But how many of us can honestly say we have experienced an AWESOME God?

The one thing I know about God is that He has a way of surprising you it is in such a gentle way. When you realize it I know for me it is like my breath is taken away for a moment. There is only one other being in this world that can do that to me and that is my husband. God’s way is different when you connect the dots it is truly, truly, an amazing revelation! There is one vital thing we need to understand and that is God’s way is supernatural. When he speaks, it is nowhere near like man. When it happens, you are moved beyond tears. It is a moment that is a reflection you reflect not on the world or the issue at hand you reflect on His word and you realize He is speaking directly to you. In my previous devotional, I stated this:

So, faith is a gift from God that we receive the word of Christ, which in this dispensation we get from the Bible rather than from a burning bush. So, in His time, He will give faith to us as needed from the word of the Bible. In 2 Cor 10:15 we see that faith can grow, so as we study the Bible God can add to our faith.

Now keep in mind this devotional was written 2 years ago I think I know it has been awhile. I have been taking a break from our series on righteousness the past week. For the last week, I have been praying for my family I have been praying for direction and the choices and changes my husband and I are making. That they are the best for our family most of all that we are staying in the will of God for our lives. Only a few that are close to us know the situation in depth what has transpired in the past few months. As I was browsing the internet this scripture came across my screen just last week.

For God is pleased with you when you do what you know is right. And patiently endure unfair treatment. 1 Peter 2:19

God sees all and knows all. He is not blind and never turns a blind eye to what happens or what is happening to you. He knows our thoughts and our hearts. While others may try, and paint you as something else to man. They will never be able to do that with God. He knows the truth.

As I read this scripture I sighed last week. I found hope and God allotted me faith just when I needed it most. A simple reminder “HEY Shannon, you have done nothing wrong you and Kevin were doing what was right. Now, my child patiently endure this unfair treatment blessing are going to flow from my throne.” It was not until I sent out this older devotional yesterday that I realized just how supernatural it was for me and how directly he was speaking to me. You may not be feeling the connection but I very much do. How He speaks to you maybe different with someone else. God speaks to us on so many levels but when he does and I can speak from experience. The most powerful are when it is subtle like a feather that brushes across your cheek. It may be done quietly but the words are loud and very clear. You cannot mistake the voice of God. You just cannot you know when His voice is subtle but it rushes over you like ocean waves pounding at the shore.

Jesus stated: My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27.

So, my little sheep are you hearing the voice of God? Are you thinking He will speak like a man or are you hearing him through His most beautiful word that is ALIVE? I am here today to tell you LISTEN, stop, pray, wait patiently, let him speak volumes to you. Then the next time someone says, “What an AWESOME God we serve.” It will mean more to you than just a statement. You can in the humblest way shake your head and agree and say “yes” I have experienced and served the Spirit of a HOLY God.