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Pain From the Past  

This emotion has to be the one emotion that is the hardest to get past. Notice I said past we never get over the pain that someone inflicts on us we just learn to move on from it. Pain, it lives up to its name, after all, it is a 4 letter word. None of us can get past it without God.

God has a lot to say on this matter scripture tells us. Proverbs 4:23 states; Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. 

When the heart is broken, we react in not so good ways revenge is high on the list among many other things. It causes us to say and do things that we normally would not do. To those that are constantly in the line of fire of someone that has not dealt with certain things in their life. The aftermath is catastrophic I am talking levels that there is no way to restore relationships that they have broken. As a Christian, we have to refrain and have a lot of self-control over our emotions and pain because this is one dangerous emotion indeed. It can lead us down a bad path if we do not get control over it. I am not saying bury the pain oh no, that is what many do and when they do it never ends well at all. You start taking it out in other areas of our life. There is no brush it under the rug approach on this. If that pain is not dealt with it can infiltrate the mind and cause all sorts of havoc and chaos in your life. If you do not get rid of it, it will destroy not only you but your relationships with others around you.

I have personally witnessed firsthand the devastation this can cause in one’s life. I have watched someone drive themselves mad because they have not dealt with the pain from the past. When one harbors that pain they become dangerous they have the mentality of I will stick it to you before you stick it to me. The paranoia sets in and they will create situations that are not even there. I am talking about their worst fear. They will create in their mind the worst fear from that pain. They will retaliate on something that is completely, utterly, false. If you try to help that person, help them try to see they are wrong and need to deal with the pain of the past it can go one of two ways. The person if they are grounded in the word and need a helping hand they will accept it and take your help for what it is help. If they are not grounded in the word and still refuse to deal with it watch out! Satan has his grip tight and he is not letting go. That is because this is how he operates. He operates through these negative emotions. Once he has that person he literally has them in shackles and chains with cement blocks tied to their feet. It is a VERY dangerous situation for you. We can pray over that person, rebuke Satan, constantly do everything we can to try and help them break free of those chains. But if they are not going to knock that demon off their back there is nothing you can do. This is not your battle it is theirs. This is one they must fight. If they do not you have to walk away and let God bring that person to their knees.

I will be honest with each and every one of you that is reading this. This is the hardest, I mean the hardest situation you will ever be in. It is also the hardest thing in this world for you to watch and walk away from. More so when it is a family member. Sometimes God wants you to step back take a deep breath and YES think of yourself because of Proverbs 4:23. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own witnessing and wanting to help others we forget. For those of us that embrace the cross know how important it is and we want to share the good news of Yeshua. We want all to have a personal relationship with God. However, we need to lose ourselves in him, not in the situation at hand. This is what can become dangerous for us. This is a tightrope and I think as a Christian you are constantly on that tightrope. The key is knowing when you need to get off. This is a lesson God has shown me the past 8 months. Knowing when to walk on that rope and when to get off.

Pain from the past can cause more division in one's life than anything else. If you are harboring it get rid of it. If you do not know how, pray, seek God for help let those that he has placed gently in your life to guide you and help you. If you are on the other side of that person’s pain. Learn when to walk away because God says you matter too and no one should ever get a free pass to continue to demand that you carry the burden of their pain on your back. We are to carry each other’s burdens. Not their baggage from the past.