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Some of you that are reading this may be able to remember the day when the internet came on the scene. AOL – You’ve Got Mail. Sound familiar? If it does then you will be able to identify with what I am about to cover.

First, let me just state that the internet is a wonderful feature if used sensibly and correctly it can really be an asset. Back in the day people did not use their real names they used screen names. They were more cautious in their online presence. They did not give their locations and share every step of every moment of their day with the world. People think because they have a private profile it is well private. When you are on the internet today nothing is private.

When social media came on to the scene this is when the world of the internet changed and it has not been for the better. What should be concerning is not. One of the most concerning is how often people share pictures of their children. They have placed an image of their child online it can never be removed even if you delete it. Once it is online it is in the open. Parents think that they are hiding behind a private profile. It can only be viewed if you are accepted into a circle or accepted as a friend etc. Bottom line is you have just exposed your child to all the dangers on the internet.

People think that sex/human trafficking is secluded to bad neighborhoods, a certain group of individuals, a certain demographic. This could not be farther from the truth. The dark web and hackers are infiltrated all throughout the internet. They look, wait, and lurk. They watch peoples habits where they go, how many are in the family mostly how many are children. They can weave in and out of where ever they want and never leave a digital footprint. All these social media sites you are entrusting with not just your online presence but your entire private life right down to your children. Someone told me the other day that people talk about how sacred their privacy is how the Govt is invading that privacy then they turn around and expose their lives to social media. So, I thought about it...I will do some research. I thought let me see how long it can take for me to get to know a stranger without ever meeting them.

Yesterday I did a random on Facebook just browsed. As I browsed it was not that hard to find someone that has given an in-depth of their life in 48 hours. One woman could not sleep even her Ambien was not working. While her friend chimed in and stated how this drug she took also gave her hallucinations. All through her feed, she posted several pictures of herself and her child. One post she was at a mother/ daughter luncheon at school and she took a picture of one with the teacher. With only a couple of scrolls down I knew this woman had a sleeping disorder, her full name, her husband’s full name, where he and she worked and where her daughter went to elementary school. I could tell you when she had her last cold, how frustrated she was at work. What her community neighborhood looked like. If I was really paying attention I would even know when she was not home. Posting pics of you and your husband having drinks at 11 pm is the first indication you are not home. Here I am in Israel halfway across the world a complete utter stranger and I know all about this person and her family. It was that quick and that easy.

My point in this? Social Media if it is not used correctly is a haven for predators. As I stated at the beginning back in the mid 90’s people were not so quick to share so much of themselves online. They were cautious and rightly so. But now your life not from just a computer anymore but directly from a phone/tablet can be available in a split second. Everything about you is readily available to the world even your children. The problem? People have become too comfortable with places that are not safe. As the world becomes eviler. So many have become numb and oblivious to it. This is the norm so many think and the reality is no, it is not.

Evil is everywhere it is up to us, however, to know where we can tread cautiously and where we need not tread. If you are not grounded in the Word and know the true Word of God. You will be deceived. Satan and these demons are masked with a false illusion of who they really are.

As we start our Demon series we will cover things of this nature. The least likely is where Satan preys. People think that these spiritual beings only haunt objects and houses. They are confined to Ouija boards, witches, and Satanists. How can that be when the Bible plainly states.

And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.
2 Corinthians 11:14